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 Given tough deadlines and ever-changing requirements Blueprints handled them all very smoothly getting the customer the results they needed. - Michael Silverman, CSC 


Our experienced team of professionals can streamline any of your compliance needs. We help you control and manage risk in your business processes and move your organization forward with confidence through proven strategies that simplify the process. Whether your solution is ERP based for your entire organization or on a smaller scale, Blueprints is here to find the right solution for you.

Our core competence is centered mainly in two types of compliance - SOX, and GLBA. We also have significant expertise in the areas of HIPPA, PCI and ITIL. All compliance has at least 2 phases:

  • Initial compliance – we help you get to the finish line of your first compliance roadblock. From design and discovery to implementation and governance, this challenge will be a joint effort between our consultants and your internal staff.
  • Sustainability – after reaching the finish line, additional work is required to maintain the blocks of compliance that were put into place - we can help craft a system that will facilitate an easy transition into this sustainability phase.

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